Chris Heintz, Perennial Managing Partner, ascending Vinson Massif, Antarctica

Our values

guide the decisions we make on behalf of our clients.

is the way we feel about our clients.
DevotionIt shows up in the thoughtfulness we bring to each relationship.It means we are always on.It means we believe in being personal about our profession.
means we are in it for the long haul.
PatienceYour investment horizon is the rest of your life. Your financial plan should reflect this.
means clarity and freedom from confusion.
SimplicityThe best investment plan is the one you can understand and stick to.
is quite literally our attitude. And our clients’ attitude.
FortitudeIt is a mindset built on the confidence we have in ourselves to be good stewards.We push past short-term trends, manage the anxiety and impatience we all sometimes have and stay the course.
means we think for ourselves.

IndependenceWe sit on the same side of
the table as you.
We are not beholden to an organizational mandate.We only function as a partnership.

is a powerful form of financial security.
TransparencyTrust can only exist when you believe the other person is on your side.Our advisory fee is our only form of compensation.We don’t accept any payments from third parties or receive brokerage commissions.